Who We Are

We are a professional software company, since 1998.

we have been committed to providing customers with innovative and efficient e-commerce and business software solutions.

Our products cover various fields such as online stores, logistics management, customer relationship management, data analysis, etc., which can help customers cope with various business challenges, improve efficiency, increase revenue, and meet market demands.

We not only create value for customers with our professional technology, but also care about the sustainable development of the environment and society. We hope to reduce energy consumption and achieve the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction. We also regularly donate part of our revenue to public welfare causes, helping those who need help, and do our best for the earth, environmental protection and society.

We look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you, and creating a better future together. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your attention and support, and wish you all the best.

Our Values

The most professional service saves your time and cost

Server management

You don’t need to hire extra professionals Need to set up DNS? FTP? Database? EMAIL? Leave it all to us

Regular backup

Data is priceless, we use secure off-site backup.

Regular system update

Information security is very important, intrusion happens all the time, Keep the system up to date to prevent any known vulnerabilities.

Install professional software

Dozens of open source free software, according to your needs, We can install them for you, you don’t need to learn any professional skills.

Develop e-commerce

Start running your e-commerce website right away.

Manage customers and orders

Use professional software to manage your customers and orders.

Delivering love and hope

We fund medical care, food and schooling for children in need.